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PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black

PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black
PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black
PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black
PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black
PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black
PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black

PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black

Feel free to compare the price all over internet. We guarantee this is the best deal ever. In 1964 Pilot's engineers created many new products to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics. The greatest of their achievements was the Pilot Capless fountain pen.

Known as the Vanishing Point in the US, the Capless is "the perfect combination of luxury and technology". A simple cap-end push-button withdraws the nib into the body, closing an air-tight seal behind it to seal the nib and prevent it from drying out. The Capless can be used with ink cartridges and is also supplied with a converter to allow it to be used with bottled ink. PILOT - VANISHING POINT CAPLESS 18K GOLD RHODIUM. The Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen is a product rich in both history and performance and quality.

I dont think any other pen in my accumulation combines all three of these traits so well. Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it a pen for the new age.

A larger size, durable body and attractive appointments make the Vanishing Point unmistakably unique. This Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen from Pilot features a beautifully designed metal body with a modern, sophisticated matte black finish.

The 18k-Rhodium gold nib is plated in a dark metal, and retracts with a push of the top knock button. The pen is weighted well for comfortable writing. One CON-40 converter and one blue ink cartridge are included.

A metal cartridge cap is also included, for covering the ink cartridge to protect it from the nib retraction mechanism. The pen comes packaged in a gift box. I'm practically in love with the nib on this pen.

It came outfitted with an alloy of solid 18K gold and rhodium nib unit that writes like a dream. The nib glides over all types of paper like satin over glass.

The nib is wet enough to show off ink properties and provide a good amount of line variation, but still small enough for everyday use. There's a subtle amount of feedback in the nib when writing, but it's just enough to let you know that you're writing on paper instead of butter.

This pen features chrome accents, with special alloy (Gold & Rhodium) nib. A Pilot CON-40 & Con 70 converter is compatible with this pen, as well as a cartridge.

The pen comes with a gift box and one black ink cartridge. A converter is not included. Function and Design: Same design as. LAMY MONTBLANC STIPULA VISCONTI and HERMES. There are a thousand models of fountain pens in the market and sometimes it may make you confused to sort out the most suitable one.

Yet, we have compared among many models and found out the best information for your reference. Spending on this pen is worth every penny so please order with confidence. This fountain pen has the same. Lamy Dialog 3, Montblanc Heritage Collection, Stipula DaVinci Samurai, Visconti Pininfarina Carbongrafite, Hermes Nautilus Fountain pen. All of these models are very limited and hard to find.

You are going to win the same pen as one of these with the best price ever! Collection: Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold. Body Material: Special Stainless Steel Brass coated. Nib Size: EF (Extra Fine), F (Fine), M (Medium), B (Broad). Refill Mechanism: Converter (CON-20, CON-40), Proprietary Cartridge.

Compatible Inks & Refills: Ink Bottle and Proprietary Cartridge. Diameter - Max: 12.8 mm. Check our website for special prices and campaigns. PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black.

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PLATINUM JAPAN Fountain Pen Ink Converter CON-500. PenSachi - Writing The Happiness.

Sachi means Happiness in Japanese and the name says it all. Your pen can bring you happiness and we are here to bring you that pen. All of us at PenSachi love to make you happy by delivering to you the best writing instruments and the most satisfactory writing experience ever. My name is Ken Katsumoto. I would like to tell you our story which led us to the idea of making PenSachi today.

It is all about passion, experiences and love when talking about our journey to build up PenSachi. I have come to know about writing as an interest, a hobby, a passion, a dream. Now, writing and writing instruments have become my whole life journey. My dream is that I could start a business which would make people experience, enjoy and be happy. Thanks to my journey to many countries in the world in the past, I was so lucky to have friends who also share with me the same interest and passion in writing instruments. They have come all the way to Japan and started this new journey with me.

It took us a year for preparation and in 2014, we officially announced the foundation of PenSachi company. Through the provision of amazing writing instruments, we believe we can bring happiness to people from all over the world. As I, myself, have gained happiness thanks to my fountain pens at different stages of my life. When I was at my 20s, I had been an amateur freelance writer with a passionate interest in handwriting and fountain pens. This interest was really a treasure I inherited from my grandfather who used to be a practitioner of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy (many young Japanese do not know about it nowadays).

I still kept the hobby of writing and collecting fountain pens even after I moved to the West for study in 2000. I found out how lucky I was to be in Japan as it was not that hard to get a fountain pen or brush pen for calligraphy compared to in Europe and America. However, it was such a destiny as I could meet friends there who also share the same interest in writing instruments.

It was somehow different in the way we think and practice calligraphy because of national identity; but my fountain pens really earned me good friends. After graduation, I came back to Japan and worked for a company which actually has no relation to my hobby but it never stopped my interest in writing and calligraphy.

Before, writing, to me, was some kind of habit, joy and experience. Life as a Japanese business man made me learn about it with manners which link closely to my career. Far to the Northwest of Vietnam, for many children in Mai Chau or Sa pa, owning a good pen can make them more than happy. For many elderlies who live in remote villages of China, having a good brush pen to practice calligraphy becomes such a fancy wish of their whole life.

It may be quite easy for of us to have writing as a daily hobby but for some, it is really a dream. A pen symbolizes imagination, creativity and passion. It is really fun to see children stretching out their imagination with a pen for the first time.

Just that can make a happy day for a parent. Have any request regarding the price or content declaration.

FREE SUPPORT: Yes, you are all free to ask us 24/24 through any channel. We will be happy to receive your contact and definitely help you out at our best. We directly obtained them from manufacturers with original parts and accessories.

We make sure that you will be happy receiving your item in original package with the best and authentic quality. This is a special policy that you can only have with PenSachi. It is provided in product technical specifications. We will help you to send your item(s) to the maker for a repair or replacement.

At PenSachi we guarantee that all products are 100% authentic quality goods. It is unfortunate that you want to return the item for any reason.

For a pen, it is considered as used if the ink has run through any part of the pen, the included cartridge, converter or piston filler is not intact and touches ink, also all tags and accessories are intact and not removed. For replacement, since a replacement might not be available in stock at that moment, after checking we will let you know whether you can have the same item or there are other options for you to choose. Return item model number or name 4.

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  • Brand: Pilot
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Pen Type: Fountain
  • Designs Similarity: Nakaya Sailor Pilot Namiki Omas Montblanc Pelikan Waterman Conkli
  • Features 1: Matte Black Vanishing Point Retractable Matt
  • Features 2: Nib 18K GOLD Karat Kt Rhodium Plated Trim Accents
  • Functions Similarity: TWSBI Lamy Montegrappa Conway Faber Castell Aurora Cross Parker
  • MPN: FC-18SR-BM
  • Other Specs: Limited Rare Brand New Collectible Classic Vintage

PILOT NAMIKI Vanishing Point Capless Matte 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen Matte Black