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Yilong Professional Wireless 4.0mm Stroke Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit 20 Needles

Yilong Professional Wireless 4.0mm Stroke Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit 20 Needles

Yilong Professional Wireless 4.0mm Stroke Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit 20 Needles

1 x Tattoo machine 2 x Wireless Tattoo power supply 1 x RCA adapter 1 x Charging Cable 20 x Mixed tattoo cartridge needle 1203RL x. 5, 1209RM x 5 40 x tattoo ink cups 1 x Practice skin 1 x Pair of tattoo gloves 5 x Transfer paper 1 x Bandage.

Q1: Why did my tattoo pen stop working after several times use? Please make sure that the voltage you used does not exceed 12V, higher voltage may occur damage to the tattoo pen.

Please check the connection of each part of the tattoo kit to make sure it is not loose. Please make sure that the tattoo cartridge needle is not stuck in the tattoo pen. There are many problems that will cause this issue, please tell us the details of the tattoo pen, so we can help you find where the problem is. Q2: Why my tattoo pen is dirty inside? A2: That is the lubricating oil we applied to inside the tattoo pen in order to reduce the damage caused by the friction of the parts.

Q3: Why my RCA cord doesn't fit the tattoo pen? A3: The RCA plug will become loose because of long-term use. To avoid it falling off from the tattoo pen while tattooing and extend the life of the RCA cord we designed a more compact RCA plug. When it is new, it sometimes will be too tight to be plugged in the tattoo pen interface. You can slightly pry it with a hard object.

Q4: Why is not found in the use of some of the accessories? A4: Please check our product list information, if missing we will fill in as soon as possible. Q5: How often should I replace the tattoo needle cartridge?

A5: It is recommended to replace the tattoo needle cartridge after each tattoo session or whenever you switch to a different color or type of ink. Regularly changing the cartridge ensures optimal hygiene and prevents cross-contamination.

Q6: Can I use any brand of ink with your tattoo pen? Low-quality or incompatible inks may affect the performance and lifespan of the tattoo pen.

Q7: How do I clean and sterilize the tattoo pen? A7: To clean the tattoo pen, gently wipe the exterior with a disinfectant solution after each use. Regular cleaning and sterilization contribute to a safe and hygienic tattooing environment.

Q8: Can I adjust the needle depth on your tattoo pen? A8: Yes, our tattoo pen allows you to adjust the needle depth. Use the adjustment mechanism provided to customize the needle depth according to your preference and the specific tattooing technique you are employing. Q9: What should I do if my tattoo pen motor becomes overheated? A9: If you notice the motor becoming overly hot during use, allow it to cool down for a few minutes before resuming.

Overheating may occur with prolonged use, and giving the motor a brief rest can prevent potential damage. If the issue persists, contact our support team for further assistance. Please kindly inform us if you have waited for long time without receiving the parcel. Damaged package or items: Package damaged from the courier, please claim directly and inform us. Package damaged after accepting it, please provide us photos demonstrating the issues.

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Yilong Professional Wireless 4.0mm Stroke Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit 20 Needles